We are immersed in and passionate about Japanese culture, cuisine, language, mannerism and absolutely Yes; JDM Fishing Tackle. Join us for the journey and experiences of everything 日本

Never give up


"Fall down seven times. Stand up eight."
Often we do not understand our tools, our environment and obstacles. So we fall down many times, yet we believe "perseverance is better than defeat." Learning, understanding and believing, you can achieve the impossible.

Harmony of technique and tools


"An apprentice near a temple will recite the scriptures un-taught."
The right environment and tools can exponentially grow your knowledge and skills. You are most productive when you are comfortable and happy with what you use.

JDM is so much mmore


"A frog in a well does not know the great sea."
People often make judgments based on their own limited experiences, with little to no knowledge of the world outside of those experiences. Be open. Experience for yourself how much more there is.

Who We Are

Inspired and fanatical JDM specialists

JDM Fanatics

Darksidetuning, are fanatical JDM specialists, for over 8 years, we have been introducing and sharing JDM techniques to local anglers and supplying them with premium JDM tackle and lures. Our passion is all 日本

What We Do

It's all about JDM tackle

  • JDM Rods
  • JDM Reels
  • JDM Lures
  • JDM Accessories
  • JDM Reel Tuning

Why Fish JDM

Always stay ahead of the curve

  • JDM. Always Evolving.

    "Innovation and Evolution"

    JDM tackle is continuously evolving.
  • JDM. Always Creative.

    "Creativity and Perfection"

    JDM lure design that's streaks ahead.
  • JDM. Gets Results.

    "Results Driven R&D"

    Inherent to every JDM product.